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About the Alabama Rig


The Alabama Rig is a unique fishing rig that has taken bass fishing by storm all over the country. This patent pending rig is the talk of the fishing world today and has accounted for FLW tournament level wins on both Alabama's Lake Guntersville and Tennessee's Kentucky Lakes. There have been countless other fishing tournaments and thousands of dollars won on this unique little rig designed by Andy Poss of Muscle Shoals, Alabama.


Andy Poss spend almost two years in developing and redesigning his rig before releasing it into the bass fishing world. "The Alabama Rig" is a multi-armed rig that allows an angler to fish from one rigged lure up to five lures on. With "The Alabama Rig" you can catch multiple fish at once and sometimes up to five fish on one cast!


The local bass club tournaments from around the country are being won on "The Alabama Rig" with five fish limits of 20 to 30 pounds being common place. The number of big fish from 6 to 8 pounds has been amazing from what we're hearing from those that are learning to fish The Alabama Rig. We're hearing from anglers that have never caught a fish over 5 pounds catching two or three of them in one day!


The demand for "The Alabama Rig" has been so huge that Mann's Bait Company of Eufaula, Alabama bought out the manufacturing and selling rigs back in December of 2011. The demand is still that they are sold out in retail stores almost as fast as they get them in stock! Check our "How To" page and our "Video's" for more information on rigging and fishing "The Alabama Rig".

Key Benefits of The Alabama Rig


  • Handmade in the U.S.A!!!!!

  • The entire rig weights around 1/2 ounce without any hooks or lures attached.

  • There are no leaders used on The Alabama Rig.

  • If rigged correctly the lures will not tangle.

  • You can catch multiple fish at once.

  • You can fish The Alabama Rig on the surface, for suspended fish or on the bottom.

  • You can fish is at any speed to meet the mood of the fish.

  • The range of lures you can fish on The Alabama Rig is unlimited.

  • You can fish a huge range of lures with our rig. (Grubs, swimbaits, jigs, worms, spinnerbaits, etc.)

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    Made in the U.S.A.